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New Bug?

dcline414 wrote:
I have started having an issue with the game where the app will just close (no connection error or any kind of message). This just started today, and there haven't been any updates that I am aware of. I'm not running any programs in the background, so it has to be the TO app that is causing the crashes. The only new things in my town are the bus and city hall, and the app is crashing when I am not visiting friends.

Anyone else having similar issues? Any tips to improve stability?

New for you perhaps, but certainly not for other users. Mine has been doing this off and one for the past month, presumably a consequence of the growing size and density of my Springfield. I cut a bunch of friends, which helped a bit, but beyond that there's not not to be done unless you want to start storing buildings and decorations. The forthcoming update may help matters. We'll see.


  • tappedoutdave
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    edited November 2012
    Mine has doe it for about a month too.
    Doesn't seem to lose much progress when it does glitch though.
  • dcline414
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    edited November 2012
    Yeah, it's not a big issue, just a nuisance that makes playing the game cumbersome and much less fun.

    Good to isolate the issue for the developers though, so they realize that the game is too memory intensive to play on a 16GB iPhone 4. I know the next update is supposed to improve the connectivity issues over slower connections, but hopefully it will reduce the hardware requirements of the client device too.

    Thanks for the tips about removing neighbors and storing/selling buildings.
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