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Reinstall the game if u want to play

and I was able to get in to my town and put all my character back to work again..

but now I tapped by accident on the go to friends town icon and GUESS what

im unable to get back in to my town.. ****... What are u doing EA/Origin....?????????????


  • dgwglenn
    722 posts
    edited November 2013
    If your problem was unable to connect you may have just got lucky with your timing.

    If you were suffering from the rollback like others then reinstalling the game on your device shouldn't really do anything because all your progress is stored on EA's servers. That is just going to require patience as EA resets everything.

    This happened a year ago and the same advice was dished out for no purpose. Other bits of advice included deleting all your friends which didn't solve anything either. Mutter and swear under your breath if you want to but this is really in EA's court right now.

    PS be careful with the language. It doesn't personally bother me but it got lots of people turfed the last time.
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