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What have you done with the parade balloons?



  • marco_rosa833
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    edited November 2013
    zackaryjm wrote:
    I recently bought all the balloons, couldn't find a good place for all of them, only to find out I can't sell them!
    Don't worry. You'll never know when you may want to use them. For example, I regret only buying one pumpkin patch and Jack-O'-Lantern now. It was a stupid idea.

    Balloons are some of the best items to stock on because they offer some of the best size/tile ratios. Also, I like that they fly up high so that you can cover unattractive details of tall buildings like that second story window of the Wax Museum.

    Personally, I've used over 14 balloons already and intend to use even more. (At least 6 more. )I'm a huge fan of these balloons.
  • dgwglenn
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    Causing mayhem.
  • TotalTapper
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    edited November 2013
    I did this:


    **** balloons!!

    Duffman wants some too!!
  • Doh-Nut15
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    edited November 2013

    Duffman wants some too!!

    Dude... that is so wrong...
  • GSFaerie
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    edited November 2013
    In my entertainment district!

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