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Wolfcastle Questline Stalled Halfway Through

I'm in the process of catching up on all the primary content I missed while getting XP and questing during the Halloween update, and I currently have the Wolfcastle, Rod/Todd, Eddie/Lou, Chalmers, and Patty/Selma questlines going simultaneously. Well, except I seem to no longer have new Wolfcastle tasks pop up.

Celebo-Mania, Part 4 is the last one I remember doing. I tend to send my characters on 4-hour tasks throughout the day, so I may have even put Brockman on his subsequent task, but I am fairly certain I never got to Egoin' Crazy, Part 4.

Anyone know how to jump-start this questline so I can finish it, or did my building content that came after it (permanently) end it prematurely? :?
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