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Crashes right after the "Tap to continue" screen

It seems I may have fixed my issue.

I uninstalled but could not reinstall Tapped Out. So with my usual shotgun troubleshooting technique, I began uninstalling apps I have not used in some time and removing updates to apps I do not use. When I went reinstall Tapped Out, I still could not get the Play Store to stay running. After looking up how to fix the Google play store, I found the download manager on my phone was disabled. After clearing the cache and data for both the store and the manager, I removed the updates for Google's Play Store. Then, I downloaded Tapped Out. After it updated, I was able to log in and get to both Springfield, and KrustyLand. I have not even received the usual crash every other time I try to play. Note that I have not updated to the current Play Store, though I have also not received a notice to update the store either.

I will update if anything changes. Thank you for your time.



  • drew3rdof3
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    edited November 2013
    Back to crashing every other time. At least I can still play, for now.
  • knulla_ea
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    edited November 2013
    :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

    This **** me of a lot... This game had everything to become one of the coolest games in origin ea games.
    But because of the f... :poop: bugs on those craps servers of origin ea games, unfortunately because of those f.... daily all the time crashes, this game has become a big piece of :poop: , and instead have fun and entertainment to play The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Now I have the hate and rage against this big piece of :poop: named origin "server". That's f... sucks!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    **** does this team composed of "technicians"?..........
    Conclusion: origin ea games "server" this is the worst big :poop: server in the history of the internet, exactly like this origin's team, composed with very incompetent "programmers" that are not even able to make a game that works perfectly... SHAME TO YOU, "PROGRAMMERS" and "TECHNICAL SUPPORT" FROM ORIGIN / EA GAMES.
    You are ALL very incompetents.

    I buy donuts?
    Answer: NEVER.

    :thumbdown: :evil: :thumbdown: :evil: :thumbdown: :evil:
  • monkeyman_199059
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    edited November 2013
    Update to my situation. I have not had any further contact from EA but I did some more troubleshooting myself and appear to have fixed my game. For now at least (I closed and re-opened the app and it still was working)... Fingers crossed it stays un-frozen.

    I uninstalled the game but instead of reinstalling it straight away, I turned off my phone. After leaving it off for a minute or two I turned it back on, reinstalled and started the app. On the first start up of the game it was still frozen but after hard closing it and trying again I got into the game fine and it hasn't frozen since.

    Might be worth a try for those still struggling with the issue.

    Also on my first play of the Dog Races since being able to get back in, I won the 200k prize haha Today is a good day! :)
  • monkeyman_199059
    258 posts
    edited November 2013
    Spoke too soon. Game back frozen after 5-10 minutes of play maximum. :(

    Edit: Just realised I posted these in the wrong thread haha today isn't a good day after all. But I guess I did get to keep that 200k prize I won in my 5 minutes of play!
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