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Ideas developers could implement that could save your battery playing this game

I think everyone is experiencing the mega drain on our mobile devices playing this game. I am not sure anything with the game operates can be changed. But I thought if the developers could add some enhancements that would cut down the amount of time we are in the game it would help and we would still enjoy the game.
1. Add a buttons that do the following.
A. selects all finished building/housing tasks and collects all the money and XP
B. selects all finished character tasks and collects all the money and XP
C. the ability to select all unassigned characters and assign them to a particular timed task. 60 min, 2 hr, 4hr. etc...

This way we would be able to get the same enjoyment out of the game. Spend 1 minute in the game every time we are in it instead of up to 15 minutes every session and saving our precious batteries on our devices.
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