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Enough with the forced, random quests already

I just ignore them. Oddly, I only have one side quest in my main town. However, I have three at all times in my side towns. Both are maxed out on levels. My main town was started last August and my side towns were created last Halloween. Anyone else with side towns have this occurrence?


  • AmandaElwood
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    edited November 2013
    It would probably do some millionaires some good if they had to take care of their own dry cleaning.

    I don't mind the side tasks, it gives a little extra XP for something I was most likely going to make them do anyway. However, if you don't feel like doing them, load your kl or go to your friends list before clicking on the person with exclamation point. Since it is random, leaving and coming back like that generally clears it. If it still remains, it is probably part of a questline.
  • DJDK-ec
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    edited November 2013
    I also only have 2 side quests in my taskbook. I went through the radom quests, untill I got 2 short ones, so it doesn't mess up the order of the character's task list. On a plus side, the 2 random quests I now have are for characters I have and use skins for, so I don't even have to see the yellow highlighted tasks. Oh, and I always close the taskbook, as soon as I enter my town, so it doesn't bother me.
  • Aennilya
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    edited November 2013
    IIRC you typically get 50 XP for completing them.
  • kylstrk
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    edited November 2013
    My favorite thing is when say, Skinner goes bird watching for 24 hours and then as soon as he's done, the game is like "make Skinner go bird watching"
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