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2 handshake glitch doesn't exist.

I think people were just referring to it as a glitch within the glitch as an easy way of phrasing it. It was after one of the small updates (Halloween day I believe) that mine went from the handshakes piling up as people visited to needing to synch between each tap to receive the extra tile. If I did between each tap, the handshakes continued to pile up. But there really wasn't a point to leaving them there if I was in my town so I cleared the extra when I saw it.


  • sdgus68
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    edited November 2013
    My theory is: when you visit a neighbors town and tap a building, if someone else has already collected from that building their name pops up and your handshake replaces theirs. I think its the same effect with tiles, channel 6, farm, etc, except the handshakes will not accumulate on other buildings. Maybe because those have to be assigned 'tasks' as opposed to just generating $'s and xp on a specific timeframe. Again, just a theory.
  • avg_joe_c
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    Hey, you're right! I thought for sure I could not get more than two handshakes as I would see several neighbors who had previously tapped on my tile visit my town and tap on two other buildings, and yet there was only ever one extra handshake. But since I always tapped on the second one for fear of not getting anymore, there was never a time where I gave the handshakes time to stack up.

    I just tested it out and now I have three handshakes. Thanks for pointing this out! I just crossed the threshold past the 150 mark, and so I will not be able to restart a tile if I accidentally tap the last one. Now I know I can leave two. I just need to check in often enough that not too many neighbors come visit in the same interim.
  • LanceUppercut808
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    This is actually very interesting. I thought that my tile could only hold two handshakes, but I also was collecting that second handshake as soon as I saw it, so that I didn't potentially waste any neighbor's taps. So after reading this thread, I tried just logging into my town about once every hour...just logging in, collecting any rents that popped up, and logging back out, and sure enough, i started stacking up handshakes on my tile. Unfortunately, I ended up tapping all the handshakes by accident while I was trying to see who had been tapping my tile, so now I have to wait 2.5 days to get any more. :(
    So, just logging in and out of your town resets it so that you can stack up multiple handshakes...or so it appears.
    Thank you and TonyMinetana and speleo106 for pointing this out!
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