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I don't visit my neighbors.



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    am4692 wrote:
    JoshSherer wrote:
    The good thing is that I'll always have 100 neighbors regardless of my actions because being friends with me is like being friends with a celebrity. This game mentioned me. Check my sig. If you've already seen my sig, check it again. Thanks.

    Top 20 people that shouldn't be famous

    It seems like the entire world is chasing their 15 minutes of fame. Some of them are willing to do almost anything to get it. Dumb reality shows have brought these fame seekers to an all time low. What drives me crazy is that these shows and the people on them are usually far from real.

    20. Suri Cruise
    She's not an actress or a model, she's just a toddler that everyone goes crazy over. Her fame only fueled by the fact that her insane actor father had her hidden away for the first year of her life. I used to say that Tom had eaten her and then bought a new one on the black market.

    19. Paris Hilton
    She lives like a billionaire on her family's money. She can't act, I sing better than she does. Which is in fact a terrible insult. She looks like an ugly twelve year old boy. She keeps flashing her cookie everywhere.

    18. Dr. Phil
    There is a Doctor in my family and he hates Dr. Phil because Phil may make good television, but he is not a good Doctor.

    17. Kevin Federline
    He can't sing, he shouldn't dance since he's what 18 months pregnant? But yet people still take pictures of this complete loser and post them on the web and print them in magazines. A man who's only famous for leaving his pregnant girlfriend for a so, so crazy pop star.

    16. Nichole "Snookie" Polizzi
    I have a riddle for you, why is she famous? If I die myself orange, drink way too much booze and wear sleazy ugly dresses, would I be famous too? She should be singing creepy songs and making Chocolate for Charlie in his factory.

    15. Lauren Conrad
    Bad Reality TV is not the only reason for my dislike of this girl. She for no other reason than the fact that she's famous was given a fashion line at one of my favorite department stores. Her clothes are ugly and poorly designed, enough said.

    14. Audrina Patridge
    She's from the Hills too, but now she has been given her own show. Will talent ever be rewarded again or will only mindless pretty things always get all the attention.

    13. Spencer Pratt
    Famous only for being a tool, an ugly, ugly tool.

    12. Heidi Montag
    She thought she could sing, but she couldn't. She was once very naturally pretty, an easy beauty that makes most women green with envy, that was before ten surgeries in one day. Now she looks like a creepy Sex Bot, vapid and mindless.

    11. Kim Kardashian
    Famous for having a sex tape with a guy who belongs on this list. A failed R & B singer who if he weren't Brandy's little brother wouldn't be worth mentioning.

    10. Kloe, Kourtney, and Robert Kardashian Jr. Scott Disick
    Though just as famous as kim, they don't deserve more than one spot on my list. Scott Disick Drunk loser who dates and one day will marry Kourtney Kardashian and will leave her after that.

    9. Kris Jenner
    Who does everything she can to capitalize on the undeserved fame of her Kardashian children.

    8. Brooke Hogan
    Talent-less daughter of the wrestler, who though looking like a very tall Drag Queen is kind of pretty.

    7. Ali Lohan, and her mother and father
    Ali tried to put out a CD, but she can't sing. Her father and his ex-wife are both low lives living off the fame of their daughter Lindsay. Lindsay belongs in a subcategory, people who should no longer be famous.

    6. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
    So a brute names his abs and that's enough to keep him on TV? So if I name my stomach Miss Flab-a-nater and get drunk on TV a lot, would that be enough to get me a book deal and on Dancing with the has-beens?

    5. Nicole Richie
    Adopted daughter of a famous singer.

    4. Tiffany "New York" Pollard
    Crazy controlling jerk from a reality dating show. She was horrible to the two men who were unlucky enough to win her hand.

    3. Perez Hilton
    Famous for a blog were he draws male body parts on the faces of people who have more of a right to famous than he does.

    2. Tila Tequila
    Shot to fame because of sleazy photos she had posted on MySpace of all places, and this little drugged and booze fueled woman hasn't been off the scene since, that is until a few trips to rehab.

    1. JoshSherer
    Internet d0uchebag that thinks he's funny. Rose to fame when EA mentioned him in their game The Simpsons Tapped Out, but he doesn't realise that they where making fun of him. So continues to brag about it like it was something special.

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