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Deco art and xmas???

Yeah there prob will be snow and you see no green at all, its a white blanket, cool but you dont see any details


  • tiger10036778
    842 posts
    edited November 2013
    Fank ewe subii :D

    will have a rethink then......
  • subii42
    2737 posts
    edited November 2013
  • annettemarc
    7747 posts Member
    edited November 2013
    Aaacckkk. Dead trees again. I gotta get my town decorated, but I can't move my trifecta from my Landing Zone until I buy 16 more lots of property because the trifecta is my only hope for ever affording land, and that means 100 taps. Figure it will take three days, and then it will probably go all white just as I get started.

    Oh, the humanity!

    (As if this is an actual tragedy, right?)
    USA/UK Race To Throw Country Into Utter Chaos = TOO CLOSE TO CALL
  • jerblah
    58 posts
    edited November 2013
    Hey neighbor! I'm sure you'll find something clever to do!
  • Lovelybella87
    276 posts
    edited November 2013
    Unfortunately it will be kinda hard to see that awesome art work, but it will be a pretty winter wonderland ;)
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