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Have you ever play Omegalodon?

This is a really cool game I found the other day. The aim of it is to stop a big monster from destroying the nuclear plant. You can either be the monster or try to take it down by being either soldier or police. You can also be an enviro who's job it is to help the monster complete its rampage by giving him health boosts!

The game includes 9mi² map which is free to roam as you wish! -omegalodon_04.png

There are also many vehicles in the game like: hovercrafts, helicopters, fire-engines and air liners!

I just thought I would tell you guys about this as it is a very good game but sadly there are only a handful of people who know about it... Anyways, the game £6.49 or $10.63. Here is a link to it - http://www.desura.com/games/omegalodon

Thanks for reading this and I really do recommend the game as it is great bang for your buck!
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