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Specific Bonus %'s on all items

Only decorations have a multiplier. Buildings just earn you cash and if they come with characters, premium tasks.


  • bradyc79
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    indys2nd wrote:
    Only decorations have a multiplier. Buildings just earn you cash and if they come with characters, premium tasks.

    Ok, thanks!!

    So I can basically store any item and then press Info, and it will remind me what the bonus % multiplier is?

    Also, I know this is a little OT, but I have just been promoted, and was fiddling around with my Avatar, does the size look ok now?
  • chippers29775
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    OP, if you don't want to risk accidentally selling your premium items as you store them, perhaps this wiki might be of help?


    Each premium item page should have info on the payout increase
  • battkatt
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    I have a partial list that may help:

    (Bonus money and XP to all Jobs)

    Ambulance- 0.50%
    Apple Tree - 0.50%
    Basketball Game- 2.00%
    Bench w/suit coat- 0.25%
    Boardwalk Fountain- 2.75%
    Box of Fireworks - 2.25%
    Burning Bush - 0.50%
    Burns Limo - 2.00%
    Cannon - 0.50%
    Channel 6 news van - 2.00%
    Caldren - 2.25%
    DMV Limo - 2.25%
    Dumpster (Green) - 0.25%
    Flower Planter - 0.25%
    Grumple Baloon - 2.00%
    Hi-Glow Waste barrels - 2.00%
    Homer's Hammock - 0.25%
    Hot Tub - 2.50%
    Hotdog Stand - 0.50%
    Left handed roaders - 2.00%
    Little Lady Justice - 2.75%
    Mayflower - 3.00%
    Miniature Nuclear warhead - 2.25%
    Mount Carlmore - 3.50%
    Orange Tree - 0.50%
    Picket fence (the one for 1 donut) - 0.05%
    Piece-of-crap car - 0.75%
    Pinwheel Firework - 0.75%
    Police car - 2.00%
    Popcorn stand - 0.25%
    Radioactive Man billboard - 0.75%
    Robby the automaton - 2.00%
    Springfield sign - 4.50%
    Stampy Baloon - 2.00%
    Tetherball - 0.50%
    Tire Fire - 2.00%
    Tree Swing - 0.50%
    Worldwide broadcast dish 0.75%

    Also an easy way to figure out your multiplier is to this:

    Your Gulp and Blow is a building that collects $100, so, go collect the money and see how much over that you get, that will be your multiplier, for example:

    Gulp N Blow collected $161- then your multiplier is 61%

    The only thing I am not sure about is if you get multiple multipliers for multiple items. If I buy two Ambulance at 0.50% will that make my bonus 1.00%? Not sure

    Hope this partial list helps everyone out, it helped me to add to ones that I have already seen on here!!!

    OK I am ready!!! BRING ON THE SNOW!!!

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