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What are the benefits to my neighbours?

Your search-**** is weak, grasshopper.


That's a good reference for the "glitch" question.

As for which other stuff is best to tap on, many members have their own opinions. In terms of game mechanics, you want to try to tap on the buildings that take the longest time to generate cash, and avoid those that are quickest (e.g. Simpsons House, Brown Houses, KEMs, etc).

There's a lot of differing opinions regarding graffiti - some people like it, some don't, some have so many training walls that it doesn't matter.

Anything "on the glitch" comes first, especially if it's corn.


  • DarkSamus75
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    Thanks a tonne. I didn't notice the FAQ section. Sorry about that.
  • Arlandria606
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    No problemo :)
  • hobbesisreal
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    Stereotypically speaking follow this order to best help your friends (1-4 can be arranged in any order depending on the town owner or what's available at the time of your visit)

    1) Farm (especially if it is corn)
    2) Squidport Tile
    3) Channel 6 News
    4) Stage

    5) Anything that takes a long time for money to build again.
    6) Anything that pays out more money
    7) Graffiti
    8) Anything....if none of the above are available.

    I hope this helps,


  • baeckerj
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    And #2 is the above list also benefits you. A Squidport tile tap gives the tapper the same amount of XP as the receiver of the tap. My friends and I time our taps so that we can collect the max XP from each other with tiles. (We're all still waiting for corn to finish up.)
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