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Add-Me Thread


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    edited December 2013

    ADD ME
    > xxvi_xii
  • Raka74
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    Please add my friend :


    Thank you!!!!!!!
  • skyhawker9
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    edited December 2013
    Merry Christmas everyone :-)

    Add me skyhawker9
  • jfcal2005
    52 posts
    edited December 2013
    Just freed 15 friend slots

    id : jfcal2005
  • tobypine2
    292 posts
    edited December 2013
    Add me or a friend of mine. Daily players.

    He's. Nathanzama216
  • edited December 2013
    Everyone add me!!!
  • gavthomson
    192 posts New member
    edited December 2013
    Add my beautiful wife: katiethom
  • scrm4myicecm
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    edited December 2013
    Hello, I am a daily player. I have been playing since December 2011. I am in a urgent need of friends that are helpful, and that are daily players as well. Please only add me if you intend on giving gift bags, as I don't want friends who only visit my town, but never leave me any gifts. I will give gifts to as many of my friends as I can, and if you don't get one, it will only be 'cause I ran out. I will do my best to visit every single friend every day! And please ignore my messy town, I just have been doing quests constantly, and haven't had time to actually shape my town, which I plan to do after Christmas is over. Please help me, and I'll help you. I missed out on the last Halloween prize because I didn't have enough friends, and I was so bummed.

    My username is: Scrm4MyIceCm

    Thanks so much to any new friends!
  • joronebrow291
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    edited December 2013
    Need more neighbors add me

    Sill looking for more neighbors, request from players of all levels welcome.

    Still got more spaces available, all daily active players welcome.
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  • alexpanayi23
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    edited December 2013
  • WGPC
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    edited December 2013
    WGPC </
    daily player / visitor, tile tapper, max gifter, every character & item in the game
  • Ollie dogg
    8 posts
    edited December 2013
    Play everyday, level 37, give gifts to everyone. Add me - ollie dogg
  • Alexj245
    6 posts
    edited December 2013
    hi , please add my friend...


  • bully07
    4 posts
    edited December 2013
    Please Add bully07. Daily player. Cheers
  • Lyuketsu
    7 posts
    edited December 2013
    Hey guys, please add me. I am a daily player, and i will be cutting some of my inactive players as soon as i get more worthy people (i need them for now). Please add me, as i would like to get all the prizes. I have a schedule of giving people gifts, so i will give you some when i have enough to give. Thanks.
  • edited December 2013
    Add me: roelverreth712
  • rezus55
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    edited December 2013
    Add me please rezus55


  • toolkid462
    2 posts
    edited December 2013
    add Toolkid462
  • carozimtst557
    5 posts
    edited December 2013
    please add
    carozimtst557, lolbauerno947, rhiann1, juphwerner292
    thank you :)
  • 5inge
    3 posts
    edited December 2013
    5inge. I play almost hourly!
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