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new episode tie in quest for lisa help

First one is a 4 hour and the second one is a 24 hour. 4 hour is Meet with Skinner or something like that. The second one is work on a secret project or something like that.


  • seanharry
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    edited December 2013
    Got it thanks
  • weagle1294705
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    edited December 2013
    I believe I may have had the same issue that you have. I put her on the 24 hour task last night and then today she was free and roaming after only about 13 hours.

    I rebooted my phone (android) and the 24 hour task option came up again and I started it again, and, like you seem to, I also had 2 active quests when I tapped on the Simpson house. I sped the 4 hour task just to get it done and the 24 hour one went away. Even if you don't speed the 4 hour task, I'm guessing that it will work itself out once the 4 hour one is complete. I now have the truck.
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