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Stupid Yeti :(

Spendature :

12 donuts to speed up the Egg Nog Bar
100 donuts to get 20 x tokens

Winnings :

Entire simpson family snowpeople ( Homer, marge, Grandpa, Bart, Maggie, Lisa)
Ice god (2% bonus pay!)
10 house decorations (brown, simpson, farm, orange, pink, willies shack, flanders,van houtens, Purple, Blue, krabappel)
Helter Shelter
Claus Co
Snow Monster yeti thing

and my favourite...

Homer Mr Plow!


  • Razorame
    3 posts
    edited December 2013
    Damn i got unlucky then i only got the claus co, mr plow and plow king then rest was just facades and some snow men
    half of it was just 1000 dollars :/
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