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I lost my city

That's too bad. Sorry to hear.


  • janus763
    1 posts
    edited July 2012
    Hey my springfield is gone too. I have spendt almost 1400 donuts, i had it all, level 20 and 4-1/2 star, and about 200 donuts left. How Can i get it back EA?? It happend after your last Update!!!
  • magpie187
    43 posts
    edited August 2012
    Just lost mine too 85 donuts
  • Phoenix W
    4 posts
    edited August 2012
    I lost my city too. EA sucks.....i tried contacting them about the problem but i haven't heard back and its been over a week. I had a level 20 city and lots and lots of property

    the game sucks now to play
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