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What you need to know about coins.

Anurchy wrote:
Coins are generated by your eggnog bar every 24 hours. The other methods to get them are:

1) spend donuts to buy them (1 coin- 10 donuts, 3 coins- 25 donuts, 10 coins- 50 donuts)
2) find them in gift bags and/or presents
3) once you complete earning all your personal prizes, that is, collect 30,000 gift cards, you earn a coin for every 1,000 gift cards you collect after.

As far as I know, these are the only way to get coins.

What some people are misinformed about regarding these coins:

1) if a neighbour taps your eggnog bar when a coin is ready before you do, you lose your 8coin and they "steal" the coin from you.

This is wrong because, all they are doing is basically resetting your eggnog bar timer. They are not "stealing" your coins, they get 10 gift cards out of it as with any building and what you get is a handshake, the money and xp and the coin. Basically: if you tap your neighbours eggnog bar, or they tap yours, it is a good thing, not a bad thing.

2) people seem to think that you can stack your handshakes on the eggnog bar like you can with SP tiles, Cletus' farm, Channel 6 building and the Open Air Stage.

You cannot. So don't waste your efforts with neighbours and feeder towns trying to stack handshakes for the coin, people on this forum have already tried and noted that it doesn't work.
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