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channel 6/farm/stadium

reo19uk552 wrote:
Has anyone tried tapping these and if you have do you still get gift cards from them?

Just wondering if we could be getting the gift cards at the same time as continuing building up neighbours handshakes over these buildings?

Stadium?!? I can only assume you mean the stage.

No, you do not get gift cards for tapping them.

The handshakes still stack.

In fact, these two things make tapping them the greatest gift you can give your neighbor. You give them something more valuable with nothing in return.


  • shootout4
    158 posts
    edited December 2013
    ^ Speaking of, Thank you Jeni for tapping my Ch 6 today! I appreciate it :) Sent you a couple of gift bags as thanks:)
  • jenichu682
    324 posts
    edited December 2013
    shootout4 wrote:
    ^ Speaking of, Thank you Jeni for tapping my Ch 6 today! I appreciate it :) Sent you a couple of gift bags as thanks:)

    No problem. When I visit anyone's town, I still search for the "glitchables" first before hunting for high earning buildings to get my gift cards in the remaining daily taps. I have over 15K in GCs while using this method. No one should be concerned with losing 10 GC here and there.

    EDIT: Thanks to all my neighbors who have been generous enough to forgo a 10 GC and tap my Channel 6 or Stage. Truth be told, I might be getting more taps now than before (if that's even possible) simply because everyone is active daily.
  • rosesgirlnz
    4091 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    I'm not collecting from my glitches during the event.
    However I do check my neighbors and will tap on the "glitchables" if I see them.
    I'm doing ok with the gift card collections, so I figure I can forgo the odd one if my neighbor has something more profitable for them for me to tap.
  • aljimo
    124 posts
    edited December 2013
    I put my channel 6 right next to my gift tree so it's immediately visible. After 2 days of no taps, I gave up and collected.
  • julesg007
    374 posts
    edited December 2013
    Agree 10GC here and there won't make a huge difference in your overall total, so I am more than happy to tap neighbours glitchables (is that a real word?).

    However, since the update, not many of my neighbours have tapped on my SP tile, but more than happy to leave it floating just in case!

    A solution is to set yourself up a feeder town just for tapping on your own glitchables, that way you should be getting at least 3 SP tiles a day or a combination dependant on what you want to achieve.

    On a slight tangent the mini update now means you can graffiti you neighbours and still get you 10GC, so look out for spray cans now.
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