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Premium theory

I have a theory about buying donuts. My husband spent money for donuts and I feel like his account is luckier than mine. He gets better items in the mystery boxes, like donuts, svt and premium items. He often wins the jackpots. He has hit big on the dog races twice in the same day, two different days. On both events we have been around for, he gets more random donuts and found 2 coins despite the fact he has barely played the Christmas event. In fact, he found both coins and only had the eggnog bar.

I haven't bought any donuts and I don't seem to get the same luck as him. I get news paper stands pretty much every week. The best item I got was the lemon tree. I only found 1 donut during Halloween vs the 8+ he found. I also haven't found any coins despite the fact I tap more.

It would make sense to reward those who pay. Anyone else notice trends in rewards? Maybe I just have bad luck!

No, he just has good luck. I've bought donuts and never had that kind of luck. Yes, I've won donuts in mystery boxes a couple of times, but I never got SVT, and I have only ever hit it big once at the race track.
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