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Ea is openly laughing at us



  • heidioosthui
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    Ok, someone on here said we were being taken to the cleaners as there's not enough gift bags to hand out. Just a thought here, if any you have a feeder town which have collected 100 odd cards now with no friends but your main town, just make 5 more friends to deliver the boxes until Xmas is over. Yes, it's a schlep but 5 mins a day can help a lot with the community prizes. We can even set up a temp Xmas friend group, so towns big and small can make sure we get Ebenezer Scrooge!

    Do or no do, there is no try ;)
  • Dominicanbred
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  • TomatoGravy
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    edited December 2013
    Wow nice catch. Really wierd that he decided to write "Cleaners," in.

    He? Do you know the guy that did this? 8)

    Yeh it is Matt Groening, his name is on the bottom left of the splash screen. He makes all the splash screens and he is a cartoonist for the Simpsons.

    He is a little bit more than a cartoonist, he's the creator of the simpsons
  • jyoung1903
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    edited December 2013
    It looks like Homer is even leading our tapping finger to the cleaners.

    "They're taking us to the cleaners".

    Makes perfect sense. Nice find.
  • PhenomTT
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    edited December 2013
    Taking comical pokes at us players has been a part of this game from the beginning and prolly a critical part of it's success. These jabs and inclusions give us a bit more of a Involved feel..

    Josh and a few others learned this during a story line..

    Our gripes over last years disappearing Halloween candy were addressed with a tomb stone, this Halloween. "RIP last years Halloween candy". The list goes on, not to mention the speculation by the players on the forums keeps the forums active..

    Keeping the players involved in the game and acknowledging our posts "good or bad" within the game is an excellent way to keep us playing. I always look forward to the next event to see what goofy stuff they have added to mess with us.

    The pokes and jabs IMO have followed suit with the Simpsons tv show, as they usually playfully poke fun at things..

    Well played EA, My hats off to ya.
  • iain51269522
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    edited December 2013
    I haven't read all five pages so perhaps somebody just as sane has pointed out that the shop is for a cleaners and the window is so dirty you can draw a picture in it. I think that's the gag nothing else.
  • PhenomTT
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    edited December 2013
    I find it hilarious how some seem amazed and/or appalled to discover that EA is trying to "make a buck off of us". :shock:

    How dare those guys work for months and months developing a game and spend every working day making new content and stuff, then expect us to pay them for their time and effort. The nerve of some people.. :roll:

    I mean seriously folks you don't have to pay to play. But if you want the extras you can either save up the free donuts you earn, or buy some..

    I for one appreciate the efforts, enjoy the game and have no problem spending some hard currency to keep the game being developed.
  • adruralo
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    edited December 2013
    Not sure if anyone else noticed but on our new splash screen you can see sf.....no biggie right? But if you look closely the only building that has writing on it is the "cleaners". If you look at said building closely you can see a smiley face in the window. To me it's like ea is laughing at us because they are taking us to the cleaners with our cash with this game. Or maybe I'm paranoid. It still makes me wonder......
    Well spotted.
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