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House farming/income

I personally like white houses. They're the best looking house to me and have the smallest footprint.

Of course it will take a couple weeks to pay for themself and a couple months to generate total income of a blue house, but I still like them more than purple houses.

Problem with purple houses is their odd footprint, they're the largest house of all. And if you're not collecting 6 times most days they lose value quickly.

And brown houses blow. I have 9 but kind of a small trailer park allowing me to 'collect taxes' in just 5 minutes. Otherwise it takes more than 4 hours of tapping every five minutes, every single day of the week, to match the income of tapping a blue house just twice a day, and even worse when you tap a blue house three times in a day.

But I'm a mix and match type guy. I've already got my blue, white, purple and brown neighborhoods and once Christmas is finished I plan on adding a few pink and orange houses. More income could be generated with other houses but I'd rather get a balanced Springfield than a massively profitable one.


  • gazzajay
    327 posts
    edited December 2012
    I would go with blue., they are a lot cheaper to buy than white, so pay off quicker.

    Only thing I will point out is dont have too many(like in the hundreds) it can crash your game and for others who visit you.
  • dcline414
    863 posts
    edited December 2012
    Really nice analysis! I've done some of the ROI and profitability per land square calculations for the brown and purple houses, but this is great to have all the data for all of the houses in one place!

    One thing to keep in mind about the brown houses is that they can be a great source of income while you are logged in and playing the game. For example (as I posted elsewhere recently), I send all of my characters on their shortest (5+ minute) tasks, tap all 60 of my brown houses, go visit 4 neighbors to vandalize, return to collect, restart any complete tasks, and repeat.

    In 5 minutes you make $200 from vandalizing neighbors, $150 from tasks, and $420 from brown houses. Tapping the houses only takes about a minute, and keeps my Springfield earning money while I visit neighbors. I have 100 neighbors, so it would take forever (and be quite boring) to visit them all without some variation, which tapping brown hoists gives me. I earn around $17k per day with this routine, but over $10k of that is from my brown houses.

    I figure I tap each of my brown houses 40 times per day, earning 280 per day. I usually tap my purple houses 5 times per day, so they earn me $395. But by keeping the brown houses I have something to do while I'm actively playing the game, which helps me earn a lot more revenue from sending my characters on shorter tasks.

    Also, brown houses don't give you a lot of money overnight, but the others sure do!
  • AAALex85
    37 posts
    edited January 2013
    In long enough time the White House pays the most per square. House farming is ugly but there isn't a better way to buy expensive that doesn't waste time or donuts. I moved from so many blue houses to a strip of White Houses on the end of my Springfield. When I save up 10 million I'm going to sell them too. My White House farms will make about 85 thousand every twelve hours once I've finished it. Right now it makes 60 thousand every 12 hours

    I agree with previous posters. Don't buy brown house farms. The pay off isn't there when you do the math.

    But add me check out my Springfield if you'd like to see a very conservative approach to house farming in a town with detailed architecture.
  • Atomic Beam
    230 posts
    edited January 2013
    I suggest changing your guide, purple house takes 4h to build, not 12h...
  • bendermac
    265 posts Member
    edited January 2013
    in the beginning i used brown houses. build more and more of them. then i set my alarm for 5min20sec and went of collecting each time. this worked pretty good, but after a while it was boring as hell. i did this method over two days, clock around 5 hrs per day and then i stopped. i sold most of the brown houses and added a few blue, pink and white ones. then i send of my characters to do jobs. this was much better. not in terms of overall income but not getting sick of the game.

    money/santa coin farming is very/was boring.
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