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How different age groups celebrate Christmas, by theoatmeal.com

Although I am no longer in my twenties, I feel like I fit into the 20somethings with kids. I'm close to selling blood for presents.


  • Kitsune138
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    edited December 2013
    I'm in the 30 w/ kids group. I gotta say it's pretty accurate. I spend lots of time making sure that the kids have a good Christmas with the presents (not a ton), lights, cookies etc. Christmas with little kids is really fun. Probably won't be as good when they hit the teens though.

    I don't do the "threaten them with no presents" to make them behave. I make sure to only make threats I can actually follow through on. (On a side note - I knew someone who's mom told them when they were a kid they were never going to McDonalds again because they were misbehaving. And the mom really never took them to McD's again. Ever. Now that's some amazing parenting willpower)

    It's really fun to watch them have such a good time. But I'm pretty much a big kid anyway. Even if I didn't have 2 little girls there would still be video games and My Little Pony under my tree!
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