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Weird gift bag glitch...

So I was visiting friends this morning and I was down to 5 gift bags. I hit a 1000 gift card threshold so I popped back into my town to make sure I got a spin token (missed out on at least 2 donut opportunities during Halloween... I know this counter works better, but I'm still paranoid). Anyways, when I went into my town I hit one gift box sitting there and collected a gift card and I noticed my gift bags were suddenly at 20. As I didn't have many friends left I started leaving people 2 or 3 gift bags (instead of spreading them out, one gift bag to every second or third town as I usually do). After a few friends my game crashed. I know I had 14 gift bags before it crashed, but when I went back in I had zero. I know I gave out more than I actually had and that's probably why it crashed, but it was a strange occurance.
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