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Said many times before, so apologies, but the spin wheel.....

doesn't half irritate me with how rigged it is, and so blatantly! If it was a bit more subtle it might not be as bad, but the fact the wheel seems to slow down quicker as it hits the dollars ones! Plus I've had at least two instances where the prong has not actually gone into the next segment, and been just in that weird multi-armed snowman thing, but it's still given me the dollars which is the next one! I've screenshotted it to make sure I have proof, although I don't know how to upload. Further, when I've even managed to stockpile 4,5 or even 6 coins for multiple spins to test, surely mathematically (or at least in terms of probability) it shouldn't be dollars EACH AND EVERY SINGLE SPIN - should it?

I know it's been said a lot already, but I just had to get it off my chest! Plus, I really want that yeti thing!
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