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Game is force closing

I posted this just now under another thread:

This happened to me last week at midnight so I thought EA was doing some maintenance. I tried both my ipod touch and Samsung galaxy and it didn't work. BUT, my friend logged on his just fine.

I then notice that when I log in, it freezes but I can see the outline of all the buttons (like the quest book opened/closed, hand pointing to the coin, etc) but everything is in shade of black. After freezing, it kicks me off the app. I contacted EA but they weren't very helpful. I even attached a screenshot to them and they put the whole thing under problem with ipad... but I don't have an ipad.
I went to sleep and 5 hours later, the game was back to normal. Phew

This morning, I sent my characters to do 1 hour activities at 8am then went to sleep. When I woke up, the screen happens again! I emailed EA but since it's the weekend, it said there may be reply after 48 hours, or even 14 days. Ugh... and Christmas is coming, that's when there's a rumor about free reindeer and such. Ugh... It's been 14 hours and I still can't log in.


  • tkprae
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    Thanks for replying. I'm relieved it's not just me but hearing about it occurring again after it seemingly got fixed sounds incredibly frustrating!!

    I'm assuming it's the same issue even though the game closes out right away for me.. no loading until even vague outlines of anything.

    And 'sigh' at EA's response.

    Edit: apologies if this is a repetitive thread. I glanced over the others and thought they were dissimilar issues but apparently that's probably not the case.
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