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My Springfield just rolled back :(

What other choice do you have?


  • just_glyding
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    edited December 2013
    madfish86 wrote:
    What other choice do you have?

    Well I recalled that many people had their Springfields rollback during Halloween but they were eventually restored.

    I lodged a(nother) ticket with EA, in the meantime I have begun the rebuild.

    I already had an outstanding issue with them as my character locator had stopped working... Well it is working now, maybe they had to revert my whole damn Springfield to get it working again... yay.

    All is not lost I guess, in my inventory I had all the individual & community prizes, as well as my Helter Shelter, 2 Elf Houses (I only had one originally?), my Snow Monster, Ice God, and a few snowmen.

    I have 57 wheel tokens ready to go but haven't been game to spin yet.

    I've lost:
    - Claus Co
    - Mr Plow
    - 4-5 snowmen/animals
    - Skinner house lights

    As well as about $1million worth of land that I had bought over the past 2 weeks (and several blocks of land on Krustyland), and the remodeling I did of my squidport (all the tiles I placed after the tile glitch) is reverted (still have the tiles in my inventory tho).

    On the plus side, I have a mysterious 20 extra donuts and an extra elf house... Which is weird... So assuming I can spin up Clause Co in my 57 spins (~58% chance of doing so), and Mr Plow... Aside from being back on part 3 of the questline I actually could kind of come out in front...

    Still very stressful and annoying though, as now I don't know whether the next time I login and my rebuilt will be restored to my original Springfield.
  • just_glyding
    191 posts Member
    edited December 2013
    Took my spins, got the Skinner lights, Mr Plow, and all my snowmen back.

    Also picked up Plow King (which I didn't have before) but 57 spins and no Claus Co...


    I'm over a week away from part 18 of the questline too so will only be getting 4 daily shots at it now...
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