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Dreams to reality: land skins...

I used to play a game, before it was destroyed by its developers (no update for nearly a year), where by buying a "Snow man" - for an equivalent to donuts - and placing it in your town it became covered with snow and when you put it in storage you town was green again. In fact you could bring the Snowman out any time and voila: Christmas in July!

Mind you the snow details in every and each building and decoration wasn't as good as TSTO


  • snowyriver32
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    edited December 2013
    Disclaimer: I looked though most of the 560+ forum pages with the keyword snow, and it hasnt been talked about really unless in random replies in another topic, earlier in January and a few people liking or hating snow recently.

    Just a pipe dream but wouldn't it be nice to be able to turn the snow on or off? How about a time scheduled day/night switch? I'd love to see my springfield at night.

    It seems that this game has grown enough to bring it to life as a Sim off-shoot. The requests are far and wide but the majority of folks want things like this. This feels like an expansive beta version of what may be to come... I would purchase Sim Simpson's.

    Anyway, just for now, I'm finished with the snow. The grey sidewalks are ugly and it is just bleak. I want my gardens back.

    Ta for now.

    I don't mind the snow. Mind you, i live in a very snowy place whereas you live in a nice garden of eden of pleasurable winter temperatures :mrgreen:

    The snow makes a very interesting distinctive difference on my panorama.
    I really like it compared to the gloom of halloween and trying to get rid of the halloween haze :-)
  • madfish86
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    edited December 2013
    I also love the snow. It's 80 degrees and sunny where I live so I'm living the Winter Wonderland vicariously through Tapped Out. I hope it stays around until the Valentine's update.

    It does make it difficult to decorate because all the plants and trees are covered and barren so you can't really see what it's going to look like.
  • MissGrafin
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    edited December 2013
    If you live where I do, so now year round isn't that odd...

    I'd like to see some dirt patches, much like concrete that we could lay under buildings such as the Muntz house.. Rock mosaics would be nice too, so I could give some one a rock lawn, or use it to make a rock beach...
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