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KL needs an aspirational....

The extra experience meaning donuts has been my excuse , would be nice to have more tasks there though


  • [Deleted User]
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    I would love to have a renewed sense of purpose in KL. There's plenty of material to draw from:

  • madfish86
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    edited December 2013
    There is no point to KL tickets and there's barely a point to Krustyland itself once you've finished all the quests. It was a nice little diversion but the small subset of characters that can visit KL only have indoor tasks and the rides animate on their own. In Springfield, sometimes you put characters on task to build currency and sometimes for entertainment. KL is all about building currency you no longer need.

    Additionally, you only get a subset of the decorations available in Springfield and no new ones are being added so there's not a lot you can do to decorate it. There's way too much land given the amount of attractions and decorations available to fill it.

    Despite spending hours and actual money on KL, I wouldn't mind if it was blown up again and whatever game resources it's using were diverted back to Springfield. IMO, it was an attempt to expand TSTO that failed. Allow us to put all our KL items in inventory, give us more land in Springfield, and let us use them there.
  • rich709
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    Does the amount of tickets you get each day go up if you have more land?
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