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JoshJeerer, Some serious questions for you here...

JoshSherer wrote:
That's it? EA must take us for idiots. They figure that if they give us the donuts in pieces, it'll seem like more and will pacify us. We're not 10 years old. We can see that the total is still a measly 10 donuts, even if you give them to us a few at a time. And they named the worst forum on the Internet but failed to reference me again. That was idiotic. But most of all, the Christmas update and wheel suck.
I didn't even notice the 10 donuts... Tell me, what can you buy with 10 donuts? I know, 10 white fences. And don't tell me how I am not entitled to anything. I buy donuts by the boat load... I am entitled to exactly how much I can buy with real, legal tender. That, I am entitled to.

How about EA giving us the opportunity to play a PREMIUM game with the opportunity to buy our premium crap at a reasonable rate? If you freemium players think this game was launched with you in mind, ha! F-ing ha! This game is geared towards the people who spend actual currency on it. I think it's great that people CAN play for free. Yay. But get a grip, the players that EA gives a crap about, are those who buy donuts and embellish their towns with premium content.....

If it wasn't for Josh, I wouldn't even bother looking at the forum. How many repeat, **** threads about the same, old thing can you people tolerate? The wheel ripped me off! Waaaaaa! Over and over and over.

I look for Josh's posts. I hope that he makes a new post every day.

The people who hate him are the ones who do not get it. He actually makes valid points about how EA f----s over the PREMIUM community.

Josh is a premium player. He is one of my neighbors and I can tell you, his town is filled with premium content.

He is entitled to his opinion about how EA treats the premium players and his opinion is valid.

I know, for a fact, that 90% of you will not understand my post and that the same 90% will hate me for siding with Josh.

No matter what you think or feel about him, he really does make the forum far more interesting.

First, I just want to thank Pull_Up_A_Chair for making me realize their just MAY be more validity to your posts then I have ever considered (because I also thought 10 donuts was pretty sweet just like 99% of the people here on the site)

I'd love to hear your opinion about the game...

Being a premium player I can actually honestly see how 10 donuts would feel ridiculously small as a reward for say having bought 4 or 5 boatloads of them this year and how could even be barely noticeable on your donut tally.
The cost into this game CAN cost the equivalent to MULTIPLE FAR higher quality games on consoles.
It is honestly quite amazingly how easy EA and other freemium game makers are making an absolute killing doing it.

Microtransactions are the Devil...

Could you give us a run-down of what YOU would put in level 38 JoshJeerer and what everything would cost (in-game cash and/or donuts) to purchase?

Also what do you expect from EA with updates?
Just how much content do you want to see?

Do you wish EA had some kind of rewards program for spenders of real cash?

But in all honesty even after all the hate...
You are one of the extreme few that has managed to get themselves mentioned by EA/Simpsons writers in the game itself...

Isn't that privilege worth more than donuts?
I think it's pretty cool they acknowledged your existence in the game dude.
Peace out.

And at all other posters...
I would seriously appreciate some respect for peoples opinions on this.
Not sure if asking for compliance is a big waste of time, but I would appreciate it :D:D
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