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Do tasks at premium buildings earn at a premium rate?

Yes, regular characters who interact with premium things earn more. I say "things" instead of buildings, because Fat Tony gets a higher wage/XP for his task of sitting in the hot tub (hot tub being the premium item).

What I can't quite figure out is that Kent gets a very very slight bump with his task about making a viewtube video, but that's just a brown house, I think.


  • rwvolture
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    short answer is YES. Premium costumes will do that as well such as Camp Bart
  • silencead956
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    There are very few premium buildings you can purchase in which non-premium characters have a premium earning job.

    Agnes has a 16 hour job at the Sprawl*Mart.
    Legs and Louie each have a 3 hour job at Asia de Cuba.
    Kirk Van Houten has a 8 hour job at the Cracker Factory.
    Bart has a 3 hour job at Aztec Theatre.

    These are the only other non-premium character to premium building jobs I can think of that you did not mention. Hope this helps.
  • silencead956
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    edited January 2014
    Ooo not to forget...

    Fat tony has a 10 hour premium earning job with the Hot Tub
    Mr. Burns has a 10 hour premium earning job with the Ferris Wheel.
  • blueathena62
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    rwvolture wrote:
    short answer is YES. Premium costumes will do that as well such as Camp Bart

    Yup, forgot about that. Witch marge turns her into a premium character pay-out wise.
  • drumkvadrat
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    There's also that 30 min task for Nelson with the wreck car. For those fond of short time tasks it is a very profitable thing. Music stage is good too, especially for Lisa, Willie, and Krusty - I think that's their only way to earn high rate :)
  • Mopurglar
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    Some time ago, I came up with a list of non-limited time premium buildings that give characters premium tasks, though the post is buried in a thread somewhere.

    For non-limited time premium content, here's everything I've been able to compile to date:

    Buildings and decorations that give characters additional premium tasks: (non-limited time content)

    - Cannon: Sideshow Mel - Blast From Cannon - 30m
    - Hot Tub: Fat Tony - Relax in the Hot Tub - 10h
    - Piece-of-crap Car: Nelson Muntz - Shoot Car With BBs - 30m

    Springfield Buildings:
    Asia de Cuba:
    - Legs - Conduct Private Business in Public - 3h
    - Louie - Conduct Private Business in Public - 3h

    Aztec Theater:
    - Bart Simpson - Sneak into an R-Rated Movie - 3h
    - Comic Book Guy - Watch and Despise a Movie - 6h
    - Squeaky Voice Teen - Usher at Aztec Theatre - 4h

    Barney's Bowlarama (now premium task payout):
    - Homer Simpson - Go Bowling - 20h
    - Ned Flanders - Go Bowling - 20h

    Cracker Factory: Kirk Van Houten - Run the Cracker Factory - 8h

    Duff Stadium: Duffman - Promote Duff at Stadium - 2h

    Ferris Wheel: Burns/Smithers - Ride The Ferris Wheel - 10h

    Film Set: McBain (premium skin for Wolfcastle)

    Kamp Krusty: Kamp Bart (premium skin for Bart Simpson)

    Planet Hype: Wolfcastle - Promote Planet Hype - 16h

    Sprawl-Mart: Agnes - Greet Customers - 16h

    Springfield Observatory:
    - Skinner - Stargaze - 6h
    - Professor Frink - Stargaze - 6h
    - Martin - Stargaze - 6h

    Springfield Pet Shop (via Jub-Jub): Selma/Jub-Jub - Cuddle Jub-Jub - 6h

    Lard Lad Donuts (non-premium task payout): Homer, Comic Book Guy, Wiggum, Eddie, Lou - Trip to Lard Lad - 5m

    Krustyland buildings:
    Eyeballs of Death:
    - Comic Book Guy - Ride the Eyeballs of Death - 8h
    - Bart Simpson - Ride the Eyeballs of Death - 8h
    - Lisa Simpson - Ride the Eyeballs of Death - 8h

    Mt. Krustmore:
    - Homer - Ride Mount Krustmore - 24h
    - Milhouse - Ride Mount Krustmore - 24h
    - Nelson Muntz - Ride Mount Krustmore - 24h
    - Kearney - Ride Mount Krustmore - 24h

    Characters / decorations that add premium tasks for Channel 6:
    - Channel 6 News Van: Live News Report - 4h
    - Worldwide Broadcast Dish: Worldwide News - 12h
    - Bumblebee Man: Channel Ocho - 24h
    - Arnie Pye: Broadcasting Arnie Pye - 48h

    Let me know if I am missing something. Hope that helps.
  • philippama998
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    edited January 2014
    Great list, thanks! I got upset yesterday whith Barney being non premium payout. Now i know how to compensate for that!
  • kylstrk
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    edited January 2014
    ^ Very helpful post, thanks a lot.

    I didn't notice this til about a week ago, when I noticed Agnes paying $750 for her 16 hr greet customers task being more than her 24 hr task. So now I just always give her back to back to back 16 hour shifts just like the real Walmart does to their employees. :mrgreen:
  • AJtheboss1
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    edited January 2014
    That seems to be a general rule. It's EA's way of justifying the cost of the item for the consumer.
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