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Corn, SP, TV and Bandstand FRIENDS ADD!!!

I'll clear out some space for some glitch tappers. Daily players only, please. I'm on a few times a day. Level 37.



  • 3in3r1985
    10 posts
    edited January 2014
    It would be really nice if there are some other player to tap my squidport,

    i cleared out some of my inactive friends

    please add: 3in3r1985

    thanks a lot
  • Sinnaj63
    14 posts
    edited January 2014
    Since my Squidport is getting tapped as good as never as well(Even though it is currently still generating), I would love to see more friends to tap them and have them tapped. Because of some bug, I can't add friends, but feel free to add me, Sinnaj63.
  • Leithal
    3 posts
    edited January 2014
    add me leithalweapon13
  • jlenko
    69 posts
    edited January 2014
    Awesome.. just started up a feeder town, was looking for people who want their tiles tapped. I need the XP :)

    Feeder town is "lenkorules".. just added all of you. I don't have a Squidport on mine yet tho!
  • homazebra
    13 posts Member
    edited January 2014

    Daily player, always tap back on SP, channel 6, stage and farm
  • tiifanyart
    82 posts
    edited January 2014
    All day player and always tapping please add tiffanyart
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