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is the 'glitch' really a glitch??

Possibly, but how does that explain the channel 6 studio and farm? (I am not including open air stage in my question as it is a premium item)


  • epolng
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    edited January 2014
    I have to admit I don't use the glitches in my SF, just because I have stored away 54 tiles and can't imagine using them and putting Channel 6 and the farm near my Squidport just doesn't work for my design. That said, yes, these have gone on so long that I doubt it is a glitch so much as a feature to encourage folks to play more.

    (Note: I will tap on my neighbors glitch buildings if I see them but I don't spend five minutes a SF searching either.)
  • MysteryZombie
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    edited January 2014
    It's like a very nice Easter egg!
  • neuroheart
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    edited January 2014
    I think it's better to call it a feature. It may or may not be a deliberate one, but it's been around awhile now and we know they know about it, so yeah. Anyway, I call it the "stackable feature" because I just find that more accurate.
  • ssduffman
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    edited January 2014
    I just think its there way of rewarding clicking on those buildings, for most clicks you restart the timer on that building for the person, on all of the glitched structures w/o the "glitch" clicking the building would mean nothing, because the owner of the SF would still have to restart it themselves. If it isnt 100% intentional on EA's part they sure worked hard to make it look like that.
  • kevfd
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    edited January 2014
    empathy77 wrote:
    Possibly, but how does that explain the channel 6 studio and farm? (I am not including open air stage in my question as it is a premium item)

    I'd guess that its something to do with the way each object is coded :wink:
  • jennlevi
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    edited January 2014
    I don't really think it's a glitch. I'm guessing they would have "fixed/corrected" it by now. Perhaps it started as a glitch? I know one thing for sure, I hope they don't fix it if it is a glitch! :? It's not so much the money that gets me, but the time it takes to build them!
  • bradyc79
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    edited January 2014
    kevfd wrote:
    I dont believe that the glitch will be fixed and was probably even meant to be that way. Lets face it, a large number of people had got bored with the time and cost of building the squidport that they just lost interest. What are the chances you'll use donuts on performers and stalls when it takes SP over a year from start to completion?? I think its EA's way of fixing the restrictions they placed on it without admitting they screwed up in the first place, (by providing a 'cheat'). It's been months now where there have been literally countless number of threads on the subject...EA obviously take note of the things posted here, (its a valuable tool for research/feedback) and it wouldnt be too difficult to fix should they want to; but why would they want to do that when SP has now become popular again?? I may be wrong of course, but the thing that first steered me thinking this way was when it was 1st posted about on here - the OP was quite new to the forum with a very low post count and hasn't posted again since that I'm aware of - and I have been watching in order to satisfy my curiosity - ea insider perhaps??

    I'm not sure you are quite right. Super Mario 64something started the thread and he was posting on here very frequently. I remember his avatar quite well, the combination of the Simpsons with Donkey Kong/Super Mario Bros. I don't think he has a low post count.

    I agree that they have allowed it to continue and that it may have even been intentional. Especially on the Squidport tile part because it definitely made me and several other spend money on their squidports, whereas I had completely blown it off before. I just finished corn and started that part of the feature :)
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