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Tips for redesigning your Springfield?

Screen shot what you want to keep
Move all the buildings to a corner
Clear everything
Start designing from the furthest corner away and work up to your buildings.

I drew a plan as I knew what I wanted where. You don't have to stick with it but it'll help you feel less daunted. Also check out the showcase section and 'what have you done...' Threads for inspiration

Have fun :)

Ps, make sure you've got enough cash to pay for it :wink:


  • leepierce27
    317 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Build around the middle. I developed my town square as the epicenter of my springfield then built outwards, adding different districts. Typically when people go to your town they land around the center so if you make that as detailed and as attractive as possible they'll be more willing to explore.
  • jesslynco
    270 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    I stored all decorations and non character buildings and moved everything else to the back corner furthest from mountains. I started building from the mountains because of what I wanted to do with fat Tonys.
    I know people have drawn out their towns if they had a specific design in mind but I just had a few ideas for a few buildings and kinda filled in from there.
    As someone else said make sure you have the $ for it before you start it can get really expensive.
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