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Christmas Lights Rant (not petty Wiggum)

All lights are down, it's been 2 weeks since Christmas 'holidays'. Call it what you want but with all this talk of why Wiggum didn't get lights, I was far more concerned about poor old fabulous Ultrahouse 2. He deserves lights as do the other obscure houses - what about Susanne? Kang and his Victorian UFO need redecorating, also whatever lard lives in the pumpkin house. The Bad Dream house is similar to the Ultrahouse 2 except for his assumed sexuality of course.

But why stop there?

Fat Tony's Compound, Lincoln's Cabin, Burns Manor, Springfield Retirement Castle, Calmwood Mental Hospital, Dutchman's Houseboat, Wolfcastle's Mansion, The Penitentiary, Moe presumably sleeps in his Tavern, The Gutter needs lights for Barney and who could forget Maude's infamous home - Springfield Cemetery.

Also, the Brown House hosts an array of visitors; we should really spice up the effort gone into those lights (there's bound to be at meat 60 characters working on them and they produce this)!

Where are the lights for the important homes?!
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