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Crook and Ladder - Fire Dept Episode

Had an idea for the Fire Dept episode - the one where Homer and co have to become volunteer firefighters after Homer takes sleeping pills and crashes into the fire station.

It all starts off with Marge taking Maggie's dummy (pacifier for our US chums) so it could start with us getting Maggie as a proper character.

- Start building fire station - 24hrs

These jobs while the fire Station is building -

- Make Marge throw out pacifiers - 45secs
- Make Maggie destroy house - 4 hours
- Make Maggie play with Santa's Little Helper's squeaky toy & Make Homer lack sleep - 8hrs.
- Make Maggie play with Santa's Little Helper's squeaky toy & Make Homer take sleeping pills - 8hrs
- Make Bart and Millhouse make Zombie Homer take them for a drive (resulting in crashing into the Fire Station) - 4hrs

- Make Homer, Apu, Skinner and Moe volunteer as firefighters - 24hrs - get skins.
- Make them save Burn's Mansion - 2hrs
- Make them steal Burn's treasures - 30mins
- Make them steal from all Fire jobs - a number of jobs relating to the episode (I can't find what they rescued in the wiki) 10mins - 1hr each depending on how many there are?
- Make Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie make Homer feel guilty.
- Make Home and Skinner save Apu and Moe.
- Make them give loot to homeless.

Just an idea for a storyline with a building, character and some skins - let me know what you think :-)
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