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Interesting Game Statistics

Thanks for that information. Though I am just not sure what to make out of that now...

Can you give me an interpretation?


  • darrenholm736
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  • HillyBillyOli
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    I want EA to make one of these again

  • L_B_123XD
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    Goes to show how much we need some females
  • halo_nothing
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    85% of stats are made up.
  • MrWhiplash82
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    L_B_123XD wrote:
    Goes to show how much we need some females

    I posted this a while back (almost two months ago) on another thread, but it bears repeating:
    The show's main cast may consist of three male and three female voice actors, but whereas Dan Castallaneta, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer voice between 15 and 20 regular characters each (all of them male), the women voice only a handful of characters: Julie Kavner has four (and that includes Marge's mother, who is in so few episodes she just barely counts as regular), Yeardley Smith has only Lisa, and Nancy Cartwright doesn't voice a single female recurring character and rather adds to the total of the male characters.

    The other members of the regular cast are predominantly women, but only Tress MacNeille really boasts the number of female characters (about 10). Maggie Rosswell throws another four regular characters into the mix (six if you count Princess Kashmir and Mary Bailey as regular, assuming you know who they are). Both Pamela Hayden and Russi Taylor voice more male than female characters.

    It goes on if you look at the recurring guest stars, where Marcia Wallace, Jan Hooks and Jane Kaczmarek are easily outnumbered by Phil Hartman, Joe Mantegna, Kelsey Grammer, Albert Brooks and Jon Lovitz.

    Bottom line: You can't really blame the game for having so many more male than female characters, if on the show the ratio is pretty much the same.
  • theredjacket
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    I just think it's interesting how many kids and adults there are, also how many men or women.
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