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Or Murders = Permanent Sideshow Bob.........


  • kevinmoses600
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    edited January 2014
    Could be a Clue type questline, which would be cool, but I hope they don't "Kill off" any current characters in the game and kill someone who isn't in the game (i.e. some random stranger)
  • kevfd
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    edited January 2014
    mcorway wrote:
    Level 38 is coming, and it has to do with some 'murders' as the App store description says.

    I'm thinking we get Judge Snyder and the Courthouse.

    It doesnt say anything about level 38, or any new characters. What you read is just the description for the latest update. Its just typical Simpson-related humour lol

    Text in full from App Store:

    What's New
    "The sewers are clogged with illegally-dumped Christmas trees, and melted snow has revealed several new unsolved murders. It can only mean one thing: the Holidays are over in Springfieldand a new year of Tapped Out characters, quests and donuts await,"

    Wishful thinking perhaps :wink::)

    edit: to clarify potential ambiguity
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