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Post event finish!

Finally I also got my last item left on the wheel (ClausCo) a few hours ago.
It makes me so happy. :)
Good luck to those who are still trying. ;)


  • mwdalton
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    edited January 2014
    Congrats! Just goes to show you, you should never say never! ;)
  • SalvatoreLoz86
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    edited January 2014
    :( i collected 3 spin tokens yesterday and still no yeti, got an hour to wait for my egg nog token and visit my neighbours PLEASE PLEASE please! Let me get the yeti today! Please!!!!
    Im currently 111,953

    No ive been doing my simpsons every hour today to get more coins, to get my last item the yeti! and now i try and get on it and its forcing me to update or not play on the loading screen saying, ' Update available! Want! Want! Want! This update is required to continue.
    Boo i will forever curse the wheel
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