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Need some Advice

You should definitely get Jake's first. It's important to the story progression. The Downs will also eventually be important to the story. Squidport kind of has its own storyline and can wait.

If the donuts are really burning a hole in your pocket, I'd suggest Bumblebee Man (or, I suppose, Arnie Pie) because the news station having premium broadcasts will bring in a lot of cash. Otherwise, I'd save them for whatever you want the most.


  • halo_nothing
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    edited January 2014
    A word of advice with Springfield Downs... upon building completion resist the urge to place your first bet until Homer prompts you to do so otherwise you'll be unable to move around your Springfield for 8 hours..
  • spreadpanic4
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    edited January 2014
    Springfield Downs has tasks for some characters, but is mostly a place to lose money. Unlike the scratchers, you aren't guaranteed to win anything. The Squidport is great, but if you are still in the mode of saving up for your next purchase, I would hold off. As soon as you build anything, you're going to have to start saving for the next item... over and over until you complete the SP.

    Go with Jake's and progress through the normal questline and pretty soon you will find that you are accumulating cash quicker and can do things like the Squidport or Krustyland.

    As for the donuts, do what you like, but I would recommend going for either a) tasked characters or b) decorations with big multipliers. If you plan on playing the game for a while (and consistently) you don't need to ever speed anything up, and while non-tasked characters may look cool, you don't get anything out of them.
  • Qman614
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    Thanks guys. I went ahead and got Jake's. I'm saving up for the Downs.
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