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Seeing Game Dialog / Tasks In Simpsons Episodes

It always gives me a little thrill when I see stuff that's in the game on re-runs of the show. There were some things in the game that I didn't remember from the show (e.g., Kearney's 'Dance A Jig' task, Jasper's 'self-freeze' task, the Ice God, etc.), then when I saw them in an episode I thought, "Ah, so THAT'S why it's in the game!" It's like a neverending Easter egg hunt!

I saw Skinner's Sense of Snow just a few nights ago. When the kids are running wild and have him tied up in the dodge ball sack, he says, "This is a gross misuse of school property," and "Where are the dodge balls?!" back-to-back.

I recently noticed Hans Moleman has a new piece of dialog I don't recognize from the show when he's performing on the outdoor stage (I think it's a long groan, followed by, "Feel sorry for me!"). Guess I better keep watching those re-runs!
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