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Courthouse Dilema - Final Results :-)

If I may suggest a few things:
Relocate police station.
Rotate Courthouse and place/center where police station was.
Decorate the courtyard in front of the newly located Courthouse, with a strip for parking.


  • simpsons7795
    817 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Maybe switch the positions of the courthouse and police station and move the parking spaces in front of the police station, that will give you more room in front of and next to the courthouse for decorations. Maybe change the brick wall to bushes?
  • snowyriver32
    1528 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Here is revision 2
    Thank you for your feedback thus far! :-)


    It looks a lot better than the original version, however,
    I still think that I should replace the red wall, but im not entirely sure about putting a chain fence around the school.

    Does the red wall draw too much attention and squishes the left side of the courthouse area?
    Do I even need a fence around the school? Obviously in this day and age, its pretty much required,
    but things are different in Springfield.

  • barryriddl474
    4857 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Looks much better!!! Regarding the wall and the safety factor.... It IS neighbors with the police ;)
  • Alkurian
    75 posts
    edited January 2014
    looks good. Changing the red wall would make it look more open. If you dont want to do chain link fence, maybe wooden one instead? or could do the iron fencing.
  • snowyriver32
    1528 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Here are the final results. Thank you all for the feedback!

  • menace1211
    1677 posts
    edited January 2014
    Looks much better! You took great advice.
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