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Slow progress

You may want to try keeping all your characters free at the same time and see what happens, also make sure your task bar is not showing any quests for you to do. I know I am stating the obvious, but sometimes we miss things that are right in front of us. Also, go through your build menu, that might help-seeing what is locked or not. Assuming it isn't a true glitch holding you back, going through these things one step at a time may help. Good luck, I know this probably isn't too helpful, but I thought I would give it a shot.


  • jasonicus321
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    Tasks are equally if not more important to unlocking things.
  • KrustyBrand
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    tmacs2008 wrote:
    Why am I at level 21 but still have not acquired the buildings from level 15+? Is there some sort of glitch that prevents progress? I build new right away. I keep my characters busy but only beacause they dont have a bubble over there head for a duty.

    What you're describing is not all that unusual. Depending on how you play the game (e.g., how frequently you visit your neighbors, how many decorations you purchase, etc.), it's possible to level up much quicker than one can keep pace with the quests necessary for acquiring buildings. It's possible that you're stuck on a particular quest, but you don't provide any indication that that's the case. Depending on where you are in the sequence of quests, the following thread might be useful.

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