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Work from home?

In my experience of doing it, you need to be very self motivated to work from home. I'm not. And if you're like me, I wouldn't recommend it.


  • MaxxSpider
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    i work from home sometimes with my job
    i wish i could all the time. then i would get my company to pay for my internet and stuff because its required for me to do my job.
  • HCoinslot
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    MaxxSpider wrote:
    i work from home sometimes with my job
    i wish i could all the time. then i would get my company to pay for my internet and stuff because its required for me to do my job.

    THIS!!! They wont pay for my home phone or internet. **** is that??? They will pay any installation fee's but wont pay for monthly service.

    As far as what Bravewall said about being self-motivated, that is not a problem for me. I don't need someone to tell me to get to work. I'm that co-worker that no one likes because when everyone is goofing off I tell them to get back to work. I actually would like to not have to share a workspace with anyone else just so that I don't have to see how little everyone else is doing while I bust * for the same pay.
  • NeoSEC28
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    edited January 2014
    Sometimes i get to work from home all depends, tbh I dont like working at home far too many distractions.....Like TV, films & xbox :lol:
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  • buster2369
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    I work from home mainly. But I have an illness that prevents me from going into the workforce. Yes there are many distractions, so you need a quiet place to work. I think it's great, because days I am not feeling great I can still work. I would say it depends on your personality.

    Run the numbers to see if it would be worth it.
  • nubbin71
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    I'm a housewife, so I guess that doesn't really count as "work from home".

    Anyhoo, in regards to a couple of the downsides of working at home, you might find these entertaining. ;)
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  • darthraven0
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    If you can have what you need and be happy working at home. Then what difference does it make if it pays less. I am of course assuming you wouldn't consider it if you wouldn't be able to have what you need.
  • beeblebrox900
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    edited January 2014
    I technically work from home, although I spend all day at clients sites these days. In the past I had long periods where I was working out of my home office, it drove me crazy. Sounds great to be able to jump out of bed and start work 5 mins later but you really miss human contact after sitting at a screen for 8-10hours a day for a week believe me.
  • MrWhiplash82
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    I can pretty much choose how much of my workload I do in my office and how much I do at home, which I generally use to shave off an hour or so from some of my workdays and do some work at home on a rainy weekend afternoon. Colleagues of mine with little children at home make use of that possibility to work from home a lot more extensively, though.

    Generally, I prefer having my work life (office) and my private life (home) separate, though, and I don't mind my 30 minute commute all that much...
  • annettemarc
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    edited January 2014
    If the salary was the same, which job would you prefer?

    It appears from your post that the money is only one factor. That you are able to live without it.

    If that is the case, i would remove the money difference from my decision-making entirely. Time and happiness are much more important than money.

    $6,000 per year is $500 per month. I assume you mean gross income and not take-home income. After state and federal taxes, the take-home would be closer to $400 for me. That's about $20 per workday. After expenses, for me, it would be more like $10 per day, or a little more than a dollar per hour. For an hour of my life. Which I'll never get back.

    Don't know how far you currently drive to work, nor how many hours you sit in traffic if any. Don't know how much you'd save in fuel costs. Don't know whether you fight weather issues driving (snow?). Don't know what kind of traffic you have to tolerate. (Here on the Los Angeles freeway system the emotional cost is high) Don't know how much you spend on meals, etc.

    But the most important consideration is which JOB would you like to spend your time doing? Once the workday is over, you can't get that eight hours back. Which work would give you more enjoyment? Do you have close friends outside of work, or are most of your social contacts at work? Working from home gives you more time with non-work friends.

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  • datasurgeon
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    I am scheduled to work from home every other week. (I make the same if I go in).

    I'm a computer programmer so there is no real difference. I have two telephone lines, internet and several backup computers which I had before I work at my current place.

    If you can do the same work as in the office, one star. If you are in the kind of business that expects face time (out of sight ; out of mind; then pass
  • HCoinslot
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    edited January 2014
    I really appreciate all the input. I think Raven and Annette really drove the point home. Money aside, I think I will be happier telecommuting. I commute almost and hour each way, and that is two extra hours I will get to spend with my family. What has me afraid to take the leap is we already live on a somewhat tight budget, tightening the belt more is definitely possible, but will be a strain. But I think that with having small kids time holds way more weight than money. I'm going to sleep on it tonight, but I think I will take the job.
  • leepierce27
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    edited January 2014
    I would love to work from home. As a filmmaker, I am on the road all the time and staying home is so scarce that I haven't even gotten a legitimate bed yet. But then there are other projects where I am encouraged to stay home, especially during Mardi Gras. You want to work from home when you travel and you want to travel when you work from home, it seems.
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