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Simpsons memorabilia for sale

Hey everyone..
I have a ton of Simpsons stuff that, unfortunately, I no longer have space in my house for. All items are in new condition unless otherwise mentioned... If you are interested in anything, or want pictures, please send me a private message..

Ralph Wiggum Xmas Ornament - $5
Homer Simpson Rubix Cube - $5
I also have Simpsons board games, but I forget which ones ( I think clue and Monopoly.. I'll have to check in storage)

Simpsons figures (I have a set price per figure, but make offers for multiple figures/playsets)
Series 1: Homer, Bart, Krusty, Mr. Burns (Re-Release)
Series 2: Sunday Best Bart
Series 3: Kamp Krusty Bart
Series 4: Lenny, Willie, Ralph, Casual Homer, Itchy & Scratchy, Patty
Series 5: Kent Brockman, Sea Captain, Bartman, Martin, Sideshow Mel, Bumblebee Man
Series 6: Mascot Homer
Series 7: Dolph, Cletus, Mrs. Krabappel, Lou, Hans Moleman, Officer Marge
Series 8: Superintedent Chalmers
Series 9: Rodd & Todd, Busted Krusty, Sunday Grampa, Prison Bob, Disco Stu, Sunday Lisa
Series 10: Stonecutter Homer, Wendell, Sunday Marge/Maggie, Dr. Marvin, Resort Smithers
Series 11: Larry Burns, Plow King Barney, Blue Haired Lawyer, Kirk Van HOuten, Gil, Rainer
Series 12: Number one, Database, Don Vittorio, ,Louanne Van Houten, Mr. Plow
Series 13: Freddy Quimby
Series 14: Miss Hoover
Series 15: Deep Space Homer
Series 16: Artie Ziff, Doug, Ben and Gary, Agnes Skinner
Celebrity Series 1: Troy McClure, Herb Powell, Fat Tony
Celebrity Series 2: Lionel Hutz, Brad Goodman
Playsets: Brameez Homer, Simpsons House Dioramma, Krustylu Studios, Collector’s Lair, Be Sharps Playset

Duffman/Moe’s Tavern,
Family Car,
Mayor Quimby/Town Hall,
Comic Book Guy/Shop,
Lunchlady Doris/Cafeteria,
Eddie/Police Station,
Pajama Burns/Manor,
Judge Snyder/Courtroom,
Herman/Antique Store,
Frank Grimes/Plant,
Family Car
High School Marge and Homer
New Years Eave Town Square
Main Street
Bowling Marge/Jacques
Homer and Lourleen
Military Bart/Treehouse
Talking Watches: Bart, Krusty, Homer, Family Drive

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