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hello and thanks!

? In above post should be a STAR!


  • drumnman
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    edited January 2014
    Grats, and welcome!
  • Undaunted-001
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    edited January 2014
    Colourarc wrote:
    I've been lurking on this forum since before Halloween, only posted to get some neighbours, but I felt I had to post today.
    I now have my RIGHTEOUSNESS back up to 5? and my CONSUMERISM up to 5?

    I am 5? in all areas! YAY! and it's all thanks to this fabulous place and it's amazing advice!

    I look forward to joining in (rather than lurking) a bit more now[color].

    :thumbup: always awesome to see new guys come in :mrgreen: welcome to the forums my friend :mrgreen:

    That 5th star was a pain for me too for a wile :lol:
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