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Characters you like to see added please not repeat too much similiar lists



  • crysterald
    12 posts
    edited January 2014
    LT Smash with Aircraft Carrier to place in water

    yeah and bart/ralph/milhouse and nelson get their boy band skins
  • ImMrsBurns
    16 posts Member
    edited January 2014
    Capital City Goofball
  • FluidEmotion
    605 posts New member
    edited January 2014
    crysterald wrote:
    can we all agree to stop argueing and back out the state of it and just go on from there

    It's through discussion and dialogue an internet forum thrives. Sometimes the things on the side of a threads topic should be taken into concern, perhaps even given it's own thread. For instance, where on this forum would it be proper to discuss the rules of this forum, and hence the moderation?

    And to you, crysterald, if two people have different opinions, and talks about them, it doesn't automatically mean they are arguing. By the way, are you going to follow up your thread, and clean out all suggestions that people have brought forward? It's already hard for new people to this thread, to not add characters already suggested by others.

    But to contribute further on topic, I'd also like to see Sadgasm added to the game, preferably as a new Open Air Theatre act. If I remember correctly, that should be Homer, Lenny, Carl and Lou. That would be cool.
  • crysterald
    12 posts
    edited January 2014
    ok for those who didnt understand i meant dont be stealing other forums lists please make your own thank you
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