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KL visitors

There is, not sure the number though. The number of patrons is related to the number of starts your KL has.


  • jtgroth
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    edited January 2014
    strmanglr wrote:
    What's the max number of visitors?

    Is that linked to the amount of land or rides or something else?

    I assume you are talking about the random non-playable characters walking around your Krustyland. For every star you have you gain 5 patrons. If you achieve 5 stars then you get 30 patrons.

    In short:
    0 Stars = 0 Patrons
    1 Star = 5 Patrons
    2 Stars = 10 Patrons
    3 Stars = 15 Patrons
    4 Stars = 20 Patrons
    5 Stars = 30 Patrons
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