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Squidport Pt 1 Quest Glitch - Still No Solutions - Will not End

Prior to being assigned Squidport Part 1 I purchased a beach and a water expansion. Then, when assigned the Part 1 quest, the individual "Purchase Beach/Sea Expansion" tasks instantly said "done" but the quest itself is still active. I have no way to end this quest and continue on to Part 2.

- I have not and can not build the Squidport Entrance because I haven't "start[ed] Squidport Part 2".
- I have tried clearing out the game cache and even uninstalling and reinstalling the app
- I tried purchasing a second set of Beach/Sea expansions to no avail

I honestly think the developers have a glitch here they need to fix since the normal "but the building in the inventory and bring it back out" fix doesn't apply, but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks!
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