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Town redesign

Don't store any limited/premium items you wouldn't want to lose. I'm also beginning my redesign and I'm working from the center out. That method seems to work for me.


  • Zozobras
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    You'll find lots of ideas in the Springfield Showcase part of the forum.
  • Alkurian
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    move everything to 1 corner and start in the opposite. this way you keep earning money and stuff and you wont misplace/lose something.

    or pick a spot that you know exactly where you want something to go and expand from there. wait to put roads, trees bushes so you can weak things easy if you have to, unless you know its gonna stay right there.

    take breaks if your stuck and ask for help with ideas (use screenshots) on the forum for extra advice if needed.

  • NeoSEC28
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    Don't store any limited/premium items you wouldn't want to lose. I'm also beginning my redesign and I'm working from the center out. That method seems to work for me.

    This is a must!! Do not store any limited items far too risky, a lot of people in the past have lost those items and being limited you never know if they will return.

    What most people say when doing a full re-design is that they leave all their buildings out but put everything in one corner so they still earning cash etc.

    In terms of designing either start from the middle or a far corner, me personally i could never do a full re-design it would just blow my mind lol What i tend to do is move sections at a time which is a lot easier i think
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  • coolkouts9
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    I would recommend not to start too big. I am starting to buy more land now and that means a lot of buildngs that don´t fit to their place anymore. I am trying to just put some buildings to a suiting place and if I run out of ideas I continue next time when i log in.

    I store only decorational items, almost never the buildings. With decorations, like fences, trees or bushes it is sometimes good to place them temporarily to the storage so that they won´t get on the way. Also easier to replace, I don´t need to drag every item one by one from one side of the city to another.

    And yeah, as mentioned above, Springfield Showcase might give some nice ideas.
  • Jedihntr
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    I often take and store screen shots of various things in my town that I am about to dismantle. It's good if you want to move a section you're happy with to a new location, or to use as reference if you want to revert back if you're not happy with a new design.
  • andrewsworld1
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    I started in the top left corner and went across one or two tiles a time and grouped buildings together then went down the map and when I had the buildings roughly where I wanted them. I redrew the roads and rivers around the groupings. Then Finally I sorted out the decorations. Good luck. It took me 4 hours one night when I was bored. :)

    I didn't store anything. Just deleted roads so I could squish the buildings together until I had a place for them in my my redesigned areas
  • annettemarc
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    I take screen shots, too. But one suggestion about screenshots. Just before taking the screenshot, select one small item way off in the corner of your screen, and leave it "selected" while you snap that picture. This makes the underlying grid lines visible in the entire screenshot. When I was moving a neighborhood of houses with landscaped yards, it helped a lot to be able to see which way the fences had to be facing to fit backyard trees, etc. With larger groups of items -- especially if you have any small or large-scale 3D items, it helps a lot, IMHO.

    Also, I get rid of roads but lay down pavement where I THINK my roads might belong. Helps me slide buildings around freely since the buildings can be set on it (as opposed to being on top of a road). It gives me an idea for how the layout of a neighborhood will work, which way to face the buildings, etc. When its done, then it takes literally seconds to convert all my concrete paths to roads, and delete the ones I don't use.

    Working from the corners was the method I used. One caveat: when I got to the middle, I realized there was no logical arrangement for some of my main buildings.

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